just everything. all jumbled together and without linear thought or organization. like the rest of my life.
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i woke up at 4:36 this morning to a fire engine driving past. in my sleepiness the street light looked incredibly orange. i was certain my house was on fire. it wasn’t. i’m fine. my house and cat and things are fine. i eventually realized i was too scared to fall back asleep and got up but not before i laid in bed for an hour and a half thinking of exactly what i would take if my house were really on fire.

1. put on clothes. 2. find a box. 3. put bouquet and all jewelry i can find in box. 3. grab garett’s laptop and hard drives. 4. get the last stuffed animal left from my childhood from the top of my closet. 5. put on shoes. 6. find car keys and purse. 7. grab cat. 8. rush out door and put everything in the car - make sure the cat is secure.

i need memorize this list. these are the things that are most important to me. everything else can be replaced. i can live without the rest.